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Lite Blue Scam Alert

    • There are reports of someone(s) contacting postal employees and posing as Postal Inspectors, asking for employee's LITEBLUE login credentials. PLEASE—DO NOT SHARE YOUR LITEBLUE/POSTALEASE LOGIN INFORMATION WITH ANYONE. The Postal Inspectors will not call and ask for this over the phone. If anyone has received this call and provided info, please attempt to login and check your Liteblue/PostalEase account immediately. Go immediately and change your password. If you can’t get in or something is suspicious—Call HRSSC immediately to fix your Liteblue/PostalEase account.

    • We continue to receive reports of employees clicking on fake LiteBlue websites, allowing cyber criminals to steal their usernames and passwords. A limited number of employees have reported changes to their net to bank or allotment changes due to this activity.


      The USPS has taken multiple steps to combat this activity through enhanced communications, stand-up talks, working with internet providers to identify the sites as fraudulent, and proactively identifying potential victims.  Unfortunately, some employees continue to access the fake websites.


      The VP, CISO has recommended disabling the external link to PostalEase today, December 29, 2022.


      Taking this action will prevent any net to bank or allotment changes to occur unless employees log-in from a USPS issued device in a USPS facility to further protect employees against fraudulent websites. The Chief Information Office is working to expedite the deployment of a multi-factor solution which will prompt employees for a second identification factor, such as a one-time passcode through text or email or through an authenticator application that will be in addition to their usernames and passwords.


      In the interim, please inform employees to call the helpdesk at 877-477-3273 for assistance with their urgent LiteBlue needs.


      Headquarters is working diligently to resolve these security issues and enable LiteBlue to be available ASAP.


      Thank you!

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