Presidents Corner


Notes from the President


Russ Franklin

Thank You!

We don’t hear it enough. I have been entering names of our members into the VOE drawing from those of you who have submitted your survey. No small task. Many of you have submitted your surveys to your steward for entry into our drawing. I just want you to know that I have been impressed by the response. Sometimes, as Union Officers we stay busy dealing with the issues of the day; discipline, harassment, bidding, excessing, reversions, overtime, bullying, and just plain misunderstanding and mismanaging people.

As I review the many names of good, decent, people who belong to this Union because it is the right thing to do, or because they know, and are grateful for the benefits that collective bargaining provides, I am truly humbled.

Thank You for your membership. It is a pleasure to serve as your President. We have some truly outstanding people in the Salt Lake City Area Local.